Marcin Pająk was born on October 21, 1982 in Kielce. Musician, composer, producer, and multi-instrumentalist. At the age of 17, he began attending the music school in Skarzysko-Kamienna (Poland). After graduating from music school, He took his first steps in the heavy metal band Stone Heads from Kielce. Wanting to get to the sources of his main inspirations, Marcin decided to go to Great Britain, where in 2004 with the newly met drummer Tomasz Faustus started the heavy metal band Out of Heaven, founded on his own initiative. Both continued their cooperation for the next several years while working on their debut album, Out of Heaven. Once the album was completed both suspended the project and joined the band Schist, where In 2009, they released their first album. The debut titled “Tribulation” received very positive reviews and caught the attention of the underground metal world. In the meantime, the band have completed the material for the new album and were preparing to release it. Unfortunately, the successor of “Tribulation” never saw the daylight, the work was interrupted by the unexpected decision of Tomasz Faustus to return to Poland. When Schist suspended his activity. Marcin has made the decision to start a new project with a more progressive direction. And that’s how Marcin Pajak was born. Meanwhile, Marcin played guitar in the well-known to fans of Polish metal Thetragon. It was where he met El Gordo Murkin the singer with whom he collaborated on his solo albums. With El Gordo Murkin, Marcin also had the pleasure of working on one of his albums called Murkin “No Known Cure”, where he met W.R.Ona a bassist with whom he later collaborated on his solo albums. Marcin Pajak’s debut album “Who I am” from 2014 is set in a much heavier metal sound, it already has many features of the new Prog Rock direction. The next album “Other Side” from 2019 is already a classic of the genre were in opening track “Between the Skies”, Wioletta Gawara performs vocally, her operatic vocals as well as El Gordo Murkin and Krzysztof Jaciow, the actor and vocalist of The Wifebeaterz, who were invited to sing on the album. An interesting fact is that the cover for the album and its predecessor “Who I Am” was made by artist / painter Artur Kmita. Artist’s following albums “Last Day” 2020 and “Last Day in Poland” 2021. The Last Day album is another new version of the artist, which differs from its predecessor, the artist experimented here with industrial, art rock and even jazz at the times, enriching his instruments with a saxophone in some parts. It is worth mentioning that Marcin recorded all the instrument parts on this album by himself in his studio in London. The album was released on November 13, 2020. The cover for the album was designed and made by the artist himself. “Last Day”, is artists first concept album about our way through life from the birth until the last day. The next album is the artist’s first concert album. “Last Day in Poland”. As the name suggests, the songs from the album “Last Day” are presented in concert form with other musicians. The album was recorded at the Cultural Center in Chrzanów (Lesser Poland Voivodeship) on May 15, 2021. It is worth mentioning this album due to the group of musicians who participated in its implementation. Piotr V. Gawlik on drums, Piotr Sitkowski on keyboards, Michał Powązka on solo guitar and W.R.Ona on bass guitar. On 10th December 2021, was the premiere of the artist’s fourth studio album named “Sound of the Trees” Marcin has invited additional artists like Michał Wojtas from Amarok, who recorded the keyboard parts in the song “Escape from Reality” and the well-known from the earlier album Wioletta Gawara, who honoured the song “Lost in the Crowd” with her vocals. The album “Sound of the trees” was recorded partly in Marcin’s studio in London and in Warsaw’s “Nebula Studio”. It’s also important to mention Piotr V. Gawlik, who painted the picture for the front cover of the album. Next album “The Maze” which had to be a concept album about the man trapped in the maze was released on 21 October 2022. All work took eight months to complete the album and new musicians joined him along the time in this project. Marcin has played all the guitars and sang when Piotr Sitkowski recorded the keyboards, Wiktor Świerczek played on saxophone, Wojciech Gulis played on bass guitar, Piotr V. Gawlik known from the previous album on drums and Marek Smok Rajss on percussion. It’s also important to mentioned all the animations and cover which was created by Natalia Śmiechowicz from N.Station Studio. Marcin’s next concept album about the man traveling through space to find a new home was planned to be released on 15th of March 2024 where new musicians joined Marcin to fulfil the album. This time Nick Schlesinger recorded drums and Tomasz Zawadzki played bass guitar. Album cover and all the animations were drawn by Natali Smiechowicz while the album was mixed in Serakos studio in Warsaw (Poland).



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