Marcin Pająk is a musician, composer, producer and multi-instrumentalist who was born on
October 21, 1982 in Kielce. He started his adventure with music as a teenager, his passion was
instilled  by his older brother, who at that time listened to Pink Floyd’s music for hours. Inspired by
the Floyds, Marcin decided to develop his interest in music and started looking for new musical
genres and so came the fascination with heavy sounds. His stereo began to reverberate with
bands such as: Metallica, Iron Maiden, Slayer, Sepultura or Pantera, but he never forgot the music
of Pink Floyd, he felt that the compositions of Gilmour and Waters fit and reflect his soul
perfectly. At the age of 17, he began attending the Yamaha music school in Skarżysko Kamienna
(Poland) and was thinking seriously about music. Again, his older brother played a key role, while
he was learning to play the bass guitar, he showed young Marcin a few licks and from that
moment the musician felt that this was the direction he would like to follow in his life. After
graduating from music school it was time to check his skills in the real world. He took his first
steps in the heavy metal band Stone Heads from Kielce, wanting to get to the sources of his main
inspirations, Marcin decided to go to Great Britain, where in 2004 with the newly met drummer
Tomasz Faustus started his music adventure in the heavy metal band Out of Heaven, founded on
his own initiative. This partnership was productive and their cooperation continued for the next
several years. While working on their debut album Out Of Heaven, the bassist stole all of the
material and released it in Brazil, this still remains an unexplained mystery. At this point they left
the band and joined the band Schist. In 2009 they released their debut album titled, “Tribulation”
this received very positive reviews and caught the attention of the underground metal world. In
the meantime the band had completed new material for the second album and was preparing to
release it. Unfortunately the successor of “Tribulation” never saw the daylight as the work was
interrupted when Tomasz Faustus unexpectedly returned to Poland. This sudden departure and
Schist splitting left a creative void in Marcin’s life, the musician decided to fill this with a
completely new and different project. As the artist says, “… after Schist broke up, I felt internally
that I should take the future into my own hands.” At that time, I was surrounded by the sounds of
King Crimson, Porcupine Tree, Opeth, Riverside and Dream Theater. I knew that my new project
should take this direction, a more progressive direction!”. So that is how Marcin Pajak was re-born.
Meanwhile, Marcin played guitar in a band well known to fans of Polish metal ‘Thetragon’, it was
there that he met El Gordo Murkin the singer with whom he collaborated on his solo albums. With
El Gordo Murkin, Marcin also had the pleasure of working on one of his albums called Murkin “No
Know Cure”, where he met W.R.Ona a bassist with whom he later collaborated on his solo albums.
Marcin Pająk’s debut album “Who I am” from 2014 has a much heavier metal sound, although it
already contains many features of the new Prog Rock direction, the next album “Other Side” from
2019 is already a classic of the Prog genre. We hear inspirations from artists such as Steven
Wilson, Rush, King Crimson, Porcupine Tree and Pink Floyd. There are very interesting and
extensive arrangements, varied rhythms and the listener with inspiring sound arrangement is
taken into the world created by the artist, almost like he invited us into the “Other side”. Especially
the opening track “Between the Skies”, in which the outstanding operatic singer Wioletta Gawara
performs, her vocals give this track a sublime and mystical tone. On the other hand, the vocals of
another guest, El Gordo Murkin on the songs “Foreseen” and “Every time We Seek the Truth” fit
perfectly into the song dynamics. It is impossible not to mention the vocal of Krzysztof Jaciow, the
actor and musician of The Wifebeaterz, who sang in the title “Otherside”. An interesting fact is that
the cover for the album and its predecessor “Who I Am” was made by artist / painter Artur Kmita.
“Other side” is very coherent with captivating melodies and great sound, but leaves a certain
dissatisfaction. We have the impression that this is just the beginning of the journey through the
magical world of Marcin Pajak’s progressive sounds and the best is yet to come.This is evidenced
by the artist’s following albums “Last Day” 2020 and “Last Day in Poland” 2021. The Last Day
album is another new version of the artist, which differs from its predecessor, the artist
experimented here with industrial, art rock and even jazz at the times, enriching his arrangements
with a saxophone in “Last Day Pt.1”. It is worth mentioning that all of the instruments on this album
were recorded by Marcin Pająk in his private studio in London.To create the the album took
almost a year, it was released on November 13, 2020, the cover for the album was designed and
made by the artist himself. “Last Day” is an album almost completes the vision. Melodically “These
Moments” at times highly is improvised “Nothing Is Real” and “Release me from my fear” leave us
no illusions that we are dealing with one of the best compositions of Marcin at that time. The
whole thing ends with a kind of tribute to the Dead Can Dance track named “Talking with Spirits”.
How the artist managed to create such a unique atmosphere is something only he knows.

Contact with nature through the sounds contained in this track seems almost tangible the whole
album “Last Day”, as the artist points out, is a vision of our way through life with all the ups and
downs, the difficult relationships and these struggles all culminate with the Last Day. The next
album is the artist’s first concert album. “Last Day in Poland”. As the name suggests, the songs
from the album “Last Day” are presented in concert form with live musicians. The album was
recorded at the Cultural Center in Chrzanów (Lesser Poland Voivodeship) on May 15, 2021. It is
worth mentioning this album and the group of musicians who participated in it’s implementation.
Piotr V. Gawlik on drums, Piotr Sitkowski on keyboards, Michał Powązka on solo guitar and
W.R.Ona on bass guitar. According to many critics and reviewers, the compositions from “Last
Day in Poland” were enriched with a number of improvisations that are a perfect complement to
their predecessors from the studio album. “Last Day” and “Last Day in Poland” make us even more
eager to learn about Marcin Pajak’s further work and at the same time raise the question of how
good their successor can be ? We could find out about it on 10/12/2021, when the premiere of
the artist’s fourth studio album “Sound of the Trees” is anticipated.This is the first album to which
the artist invited musicians he was previously working with. All the compositions, guitar, vocals
and keyboards belong to Marcin Pajak and were composed in his private studio, while the
percussion and bass parts are the responsibility of Piotr V. Gawlik and W.R.Ona. An interesting fact
is also the participation of Michał Wojtas from Amarok, who recorded the keyboard parts in the
song “Escape from Reality” and the well-known Wioletta Gawara,from a previous album also
honoured the song “Lost in the Crowd” with her vocals. The album “Sound of the trees” consists of
ten different compositions recorded partly in Marcin’s private studio in London and in Warsaw’s
“Nebula Studio”. The mix and master were made by Rafał Kossakowski from “Kosa Buena Studio”
and the graphic design is the work of Piotr V. Gawlik, who also plays the drums.





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